Kids Menu

Kids French Fries 3)  

2,00 €

Kids Country Potatoes 3)  

2,00 €

Kids Twister 3) a) a.1)  

3,00 €

Kids Sweet Fries 3)  

3,00 €

Kids Nuggets 3) a) a.1)  

4 chicken nuggets with french fries
4,50 €

Kids Rice Pudding g)  

with applesauce or sugar & cinnamon
4,50 €

Kids Pasta naked a) a.1) c)  

4,90 €

Kids Pasta with Butter a) a.1) c) g)  

Nudeln in Butter geschwenkt
4,90 €

Kids Pasta with Tomato Sauce a) a.1) c) g) o)  

Nudeln mit hausgemachter Tomatensauce
4,90 €

Kids Nuremberg sausages 3)  

4 Nuremberg sausages with french fries
5,50 €

Kids Burger 2) 3) a) a.1) c) m) n)  

100 g ground beef in a burger bun with relish, romaine lettuce & tomato, served with french fries
7,50 €

kids ice cream sundae 1) a) a.1) c) f) g)  

a scoop of ice cream of your choice with cream, waffle, sprinkles or smarties
3,20 €
Additives: 1) contains artificial colouring 2) with preservative agents 3) contains antioxidants 
Allergens: a) cereals and products which contain gluten a.1) wheat and products thereof c) eggs and products thereof f) soya and products thereof g) milk and products thereof m) mustard and products thereof n) sesame seeds and products thereof o) sulphur dioxide and sulphites > 10 mg/kg, > 10 mg/l as SO2 
All prices include the statutory VAT.


Click through our food and drink menu: There you will find all the additives and allergens contained. Of course you can also contact our service staff on site. We would be happy to advise you!